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Hey All

Purgatory Dreams - Tape Two: Theatre of Shadows is here to bring the Halloween vibes!

Check it out here!

A couple break into an abandoned cinema in search of the mystrious film 'TERROR HOUSE'

Purgatory Dreams Tape One and Patreon

2017-07-23 09:05:52 by Clockworkpixel

Hey folks!

I've launched my new pixel animated horror anthology series 'Purgatory Dreams" it's a spiritual successer to the "SKIN & TUMOR" series

i've launched a patreon for it, the series is going to come out no matter what but with the patreon i can keep people up to date with the progess and also have fan input.

I'm gonna be running competitions for people to have cameo roles and voice minors charaters aswell as other little goodies :) if you want the full details check out the link below OR watch the video and dont forget to watch tape one of purgatory dreams

Peace out!

Purgatory dreams - tape one

Patreon Link:



watch it riiiight here

It has spooks, it has laughs but most of all it has halloween vibes!!


I haven't really been active this year since it was my final year of univeristy and have been focused on earnnig  a living but I've made time to make a halloween animation as always.

This years isn't animated with pixel art, it's more tradional and has actual voice acting. I haven't done an animation like this is awhile so I'm excited to see what you guys think.

I don't want to spoil the plot but it's a dark comedy that gets balls to the walls gruesome at the end! 

It's still needing some work done so it's looking at an end of october release, proberly on my birthday which is the 29th

This has been a long and kinda crappy year so I've been looking forward to halloween and working on my own projects again.

anyway, hope y'all are having a great halloween season and will be seeing you in a few weeks for the release!

bye for now



Hey there,

I've started an Indiegogo for my next project, it's got both live-action and animation and is a story about a girl who takes and collects peoples nightmares. I wasn't 100% with doing an Indiegogo but my friends convinced me I mean it couldn't hurt right? why not?

It's live-action but the nightmare in the film is pixel animated like my previous work.

feel free to check it out! any feedback is appricated :)

Little Room of Bad Dreams Indiegogo


Neon Vortex Released! (halloween animation!)

2015-10-23 13:22:49 by Clockworkpixel


Link to animation

it's that time of year again and this year I give you a Lovecraftian Inspired 80's Horror fest titled NEON VORTEX (previously known as Birth of a Neon God) check it out right here! then let me know what you think, good or bad I always like to hear feedback or how else am I going to improve? 

Hope everyone has a great halloween! I love this time of year and not just because it's my birthday soon, Halloween just has something speical about it.

Anyway I've said what I wanted to say. see y'all later!



Birth of a Neon God, A lovecraftian inspired horror set in a 80's nightclub. it takes place on halloween night during a fancy dress party and ... well that'd be spoiling now wouldn't it.

i'll give more details closer to halloween but i'll say it's not a sequal to skin or tumor it's, it's own thing.

also some friends of mine started a let's play channel and I thought i'd give them a plug. they're called Hard Hats Must Be Worn check them out!


Hi everyone!

I've released the first episode of Nebula Girl the story of a girl lost in space with nothing but her gameboy. It's a sci-fi pixel art animation told like an old school cutscene.

Click here to watch it

should I continue with the series? does it show promise? or should it stay as a one off? let me know what you think.


A story about a girl and her Gameboy.

Coming June (I'm aiming for the 12th)

Nebula Girl tells the story of Amber, a young woman stranded in space with nothing but her gameboy as she struggles to deal with the situation. Luckily a caring A.I. named SINCLAIR is there to try help her as they drift aimlessly among the stars

hope you're looking forward to it. 

Starring Gianni Matragrano (SirUndead) as SINCLAIR!

So, I got some friends together to watch my old animation Tetris Blocks and see what they thought of it. give it a watch and find out what I think of my old work