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an amazing piece of art

this was amazing i was pulled into the world as soon as it started, i felt a connection the both the moon and the invisible man. i can't really describe how I felt but this was truly masterful, the art was just gorgeous and pleasing to watch, the music as fantastic and really captured the feel and just the way the story was told with such poetry it was... it was just... well lets just say 30 minutes wasn't enough i could of watched the moon all day and still be fascinated.

well done and thank you for this wonderful piece of art

i read your comments don't worry

very very very nice art style it may well be traced but it works so well if this had blocky stiff tween movent it just wouldn't work, the smooth art and transitions of animal to object is simply amazing to watch.

it rasies a point, a point i have often thought of but quickly through from my mind cause it's not nice to think about. this is not a huge in your face message which people seem to think is.

it's looping while i write this review and the music is sooooo nice to listen to.
the carming music and colourful art work over a grim animation is just perfect and works almost to well anyway very well made flash well done :D

loooooooooooooooooooooooooved it

i have always loved your style of animation simply made but just looks so good haha, the jokes were good though i must say the "werewolf" was very prodictable but still funny, very funny shorts and very well animated :D

Eddache responds:

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!

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super duper

it's hard but fun and the art still and relaxing music is just mega, awsome job


loved it, the b-movie screen effect the art work and the story just awsome i planned the first one last year and was hoping for a secound :D very awsome

Psionic3D responds:


pretty damm good

the aniamtion was simple and it repeated senes but it was really good so simple yet so effective well done :)

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god dammit zip! I can't stop listening to this! you created a masterpiece! it's so good it can only be described in Exclamation mark!

bloody amazing!

i have to say this is better then the original :D

Setu-Firestorm responds:

lol Thank you. When I heard the original, I thought "Man, these guys could've used better recording equipment, because their performance wasn't bad at all, just poorly recorded."

But then I later thought "Hey, this song could really use some more bounce, and since it's 'Ska Studios' making this.....now that I think of it.....this song would sound really good as a ska song."

My mind wanders like that. =p


it's a powerful tune :D it's so going into a flash

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